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The activities described will be carried out by an interdisciplinary team. Therefore, the team will be composed as follows: project
leader Dicu Tiberius, whose main task will be the management of objectives, activities, personal and acquisitions. He will be responsible for quality assurance and control program, the statistical analysis, the mobile application and dissemination and publication of results; Senior researcher Botoş Marius will coordinate the elaboration of the model for MLI-AIRC by using the data obtained through active measurements; Senior researcher Alexandra Cucoş will be responsible with the strategy for disseminating the project results among stakeholders.

Assistant researchers Alexandru Lupulescu and Gabriel Dobrei will be responsible for the adaptation of the existing radon detectors for long term measurements in soil, as well as data management; Master student Grecu Şerban will be responsible with modelling the temporal variability radon measurements and maintenance of continuous devices. Two master’s positions will be vacant to explore data clustering, analysis and correlations using algorithms such as artificial neural networks, logistic regression, model trees, gradient boosting algorithm, multivariate adaptive regression splines, random forest, and support vector machines.

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